When one utters the word Safe, what comes to mind? Is it a source of treasure like those jewelry safes? Or is it a kind of vault that’s seen in movies, storing money, ammunition or both.

Well, today let’s talk about Safes and get to these products more keenly. First and foremost, Safe’s are primarily for protection purposes, but they are each different in various ways –

  1. Made of unique construction materials, safes come in different sizes and shapes, and one type won’t fit the requirements of users.
  2. Depending on the material to be stored, some finance owners ask for safes with high security that can’t be breached, in the case of jewelry safes. Some others ask for fire-resistant safes in case there is precious documents or manuscripts that require storing.

jewelry safes

Fire Safes: An Overview

As the name claims, fire safes are built to be fire resistant. Hence, fire safes are mostly found in age-old mansions, museum and country homes that are susceptible to fires. One can protect documents, bonds, huge pile of cash etc. in these fire safes. Sometimes fire safes do double up as jewelry safes, but mostly these are for versatile use. A fire safe is made cautiously and tested to verify that it offers maximum safety from fire hazards.

Now, no safe can be made completely fire-proof; however, these fire safes offer protection up to 60 minutes in a 1200 degree flame. Now, contents especially paper will start rotting at 350 degrees. These fire safes ensure that for one hour at least, the contents inside the safe is less than 350 degrees. Hence, it helps people to act quickly and protect the contents of the safe with the help of fire engines.

Security Safes: A Brief Intro

The main purpose of a security safe is to ensure that forced entry isn’t easily possible. Security safes are mostly used as jewelry safes and vary from size to size. From wall safe, floor safe, vault etc. security safes are of many types. One of the most interesting features of security safes are they often use multiple locking mechanisms including fail proof locks. The feature of fail-proof locks is, when a thief tries to use a wrong code, the alarm goes up and instantly the owner is notified.

These safes are moreover mostly hidden in the homes. Some are designed inside a floor, while some are embedded inside a wall and covered under an image.

Well, apart from these regular safes, there is another kind of safe that is different from security and jewelry safes, these are safe houses. Often, people, belonging to influential families feel the threat of assassination. When such a case arises, they either go to their familial safe house or contact the police to go to theirs.

Well, there you go, the various types of safes explained in detail. Now, hopefully, you’ll know the type to pick for your home depending on your requirements and contents.