Welcome to Running Fox Resources

Running Fox Resources is a Canadian public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange-V. Running Fox is focused on building cash flow within the energy sector with hydrocarbon production and through oilfield services:


Company Summary:

Running Fox is a micro-cap energy sector company producing and drilling for oil and natural gas in Alberta. It owns 100% of Claymore Field Services, operating a full service oilfield service company for natural gas tie-ins etc. It also owns 50% of a high-grade gold project in British Columbia. New projects are being reviewed although there is no assurance that any new transaction will occur.

* The Company is drilling wells and producing natural gas in Alberta, with interests in Southwest Alberta, and in West Central Alberta.

* Running Fox owns a 100% interest in Claymore Field Services, an Alberta based oilfield services company operating in British Columbia and Alberta.

* The Company owns a 50% of a significant high-grade development gold project in British Columbia.

The Company has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector and resource projects and has been developing projects and reviewing select properties and cash flow acquisitions for suitable risk/reward ratios and high probabilities of developing rewarding cash flow. The Company cash flow is from producing natural gas and actively operating Claymore Field Services.